Devolver Digital Announces Minit, a Quick Adventure Game

Devolver Digital has been slowly teasing the announcement of a new game over the past few days, and now they’ve finally pulled back the curtain to reveal what it is: Minit, a collaboration between indie stars Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio, and Dominik Johann. A top-down Zelda-style adventure presented in an 8-bit monochrome style similar to Downwell, Minit sees you leaving the comfort of your house in order to lift a terrible curse placed upon you…namely, one that forces each day to end after only one minute.

An seen in the initial teaser trailer below (which committing to the theme, is exactly sixty seconds long), Minit is meant to be played one minute at a time, heading out each day to make as much progress as possible, be it helping out friends or fighting enemies in search of knowledge and secrets. At the end of that minute, you start over and try to make even more progress. It certainly is a unique concept, to be sure, and it definitely appears to have a lot of charm, so here’s looking forward to Minit when it comes out later in 2017. Minit will also be playable at PAX South this weekend, so stay tuned for any possible impressions of it.