Limited Run Games Set to Tackle 2017 With Revised January Schedule

It’s been said that “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy” and in this case the enemy was time and weather.  Limited Run Games had a nice January all sorted out but things went a bit askew, and now plans have been revised with the start to the year’s releases kicking off this Friday.  This week sees Oxenfree (PS4, 4500 copies) and Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender (PS4 and Vita, 2800 copies apiece), but it’s worth making a second mark on the calendar because the Friday after this is Curses ‘N Chaos (PS4 and Vita, 2800 copies apiece) and The Swapper (PS4 and Vita, 3300 copies apiece).  That’s a lot of game collecting for two weeks but LRG did say that the start of the year was packed, and there’s more on the way for February afterwards.  There’s a handy new shipping feature available to help out with things, though.

One of the initial problems with the system was that international orders were getting hit hard, with individual shipping fees possible a couple times a month depending on release frequency.  For US orders it wasn’t a big deal, but the second you leave the borders costs got rapidly out of hand.  Now you can combine multiple orders made over the course of a month and have them ship all at once for just the single cost, plus fees.  It runs $2.50 for the initial hold and $3.00 for each order added to it after that, and once the 30 days is up it ships no matter what.  More details found here, but again this only really matters if you do international shipping, or just like getting one big box of games instead of a nice trickle of new things over the month.  Any day is made a bit better by getting something worth having in the mail, though, so it’s probably best to leave order combining to the people who need it.