Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers Sell Out at GameStop

The Nintendo Switch has been a hot topic as of late with the presentation, Treehouse event, and Fire Emblem direct all this month and people have been pre-ordering the Switch like crazy. As of yesterday, consumers could pre-order the Nintendo Switch Pro controller from retailer GameStop. But unfortunately, or fortunately from Nintendo’s perspective, the Pro controller sold out almost immediately when the pre-order page was put up. Like the Wii U Pro Controller, the Switch Pro controller is designed for those who want a more traditional gameplay experience. The analog sticks are asymmetrical and there’s a proper d-pad unlike the standard Switch controller which has face buttons for the directions à la the Nintendo 64 C buttons.

The Pro controller is priced at $69.99. At this moment there isn’t really many places one can secure a spot for Nintendo Switch Pro controller or the console itself. Both of these products will hit store shelves on March 3.