Week 2 Day 2 NA LCS Spring Split Predictions

Yesterday was packed full of some more good action and today shouldn’t be any different. Here’s the rankings after day one:

1) FlyQuest, Cloud9 (2-0)

2) Team SoloMid (2-1)

3) Team Liquid, Phoenix1, Immortals (1-1)

7) Team Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming, (1-2)

9) Echo Fox, Team Envy (0-2)


Standings still don’t mean too much, but as they shake out we’ll get more of a mind of what we already know. It’s incredibly early to try to infer anything from them other than who’s dropping the ball early.

FlyQuest once again looked good as they took down CLG. The first game had some great team fights and the second games’s P&B showed that while they may be on a new team they’ll still take those interesting chances. Hai still hasn’t played against a top tier mid laner, but he’s looking like he’ll give them a run for their money once he meets up with  C9 and TSM.

Immortals are going to have an interesting first half of this split as they find their way. Thteis isn’t the am of old, but they’re still making progress on gelling together. The Notorious P.O.B. is still doing his thing in mid lane with limited resources which is a great sign. This won’t be the Immortals team of the past two splits storming into playoffs looking like world beaters, but with the experience on this roster they can likely make a run the second half of the split.

Unfortunately for them they have the unbeaten C9 today who look solid all the way around. The only odd spot is their top lane situation in Ray and Impact, but Ray should have sewn up any insecurities by playing well last week against Ssumday. If the trend continues we should be seeing Impact today take on Flame in the top lane. The main matchup I’m interested in, however, is how the rookie Contractz takes on Dardoch as he’s been on a tear.

Team SoloMid have Team Liquid and if you watched the end of the second series yesterday Hauntzer had some strong words for this match; he thinks it’ll be easy. Looking at it on paper I would agree, but that’s not how it works. Bjerg shouldn’t have any issues in the mid lane against Goldenglue and the Sven vs Reignover matchup will be good. At least for game one the top lane will be an interesting point to pay attention to. Yesterday, TSM never banned Ssumday of his Fiora and it was only picked once. It was a game that DIG won on a great backdoor by the Korean top laner, but that didn’t change their minds. Lourlo is another good Fiora player but by no means  on Ssumday’s level and I don’t think they’ll feel any pressure to ban it here either; but it’ll be interesting to see how they play around it and if Lourlo takes up the opportunity if it’s given every game.

The bot lanes for them is another point where Team Liquid can find an advantage. Piglet and Matt have worked together for a while and Piglet is still one of the best ADCs in NA. On the other side we have WildTurtle that struggled in lane and out of lane for TSM. His mistakes could have and should have cost TSM a lot more than they did, but the rest of the team made up for them. If he continues to be a non-factor today it could be a different story.

Lastly, we have Dig vs Echo and the only reason this is an interesting match is because Dig isn’t performing too hot. Last week it looked like Ssumday could carry them to the promised land with the help of Chaser, Keane, and their good bot lane but it’s not looking like that anymore. Before the game Sven called Chaser mediocre and he proved it in his play as they constantly took down the former LCK veteran. Dig did well in top lane and bot, but TSM circumvented any advantage they would have top by focusing Mid lane. Hauntzer repeatedly would come down and gank for Bjerg putting Keane further behind than they would have liked. TSM also made great calls to get first turret every game by calling their bot lane up top. If I remeber correctly they did it every game and would get first tower and some more map pressure.

This is a chance for Echo Fox to finally get it going. They haven’t had the splits they’ve been expecting with the first one being marred by visa issues, but they didn’t perform in Summer either. Now they’re still looking the same, but they should be a mid table team easily. If they can manage to win today it’ll hopefully be the catalyst they need to keep progressing as a team.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record after day one in bold: (1-1)

  • Immortals vs Cloud9 (1-2)
  • Phoenix1 vs Team Envy (2-1)
  • Team SoloMid vs Team Liquid (2-1)
  • Team Dignitas vs Echo Fox (2-1)