Pokémon Sun and Moon Next Global Mission Involves Trading

While the first two Global Missions have been absolute busts, perhaps the next mission will be at least halfway obtainable? Starting now, Pokémon Sun and Moon trainers will need to trade Pokémon using the Global Trade System. The goal of this event is reach one million trades by February 14.

Depending on trainers succeeding this time, everyone receives 2,000 FC and 4,000 if they are connected to a Global Link account. For additional fun, making five or more trades on the GTS during the Global Mission, gets you a Rare Candy. Then, if the unbelievable happens and two million Pokémon are traded, participants also receive a Friend Ball.

It is definitely a tough task to accomplish but with everyone trying to complete their Pokédex by any means necessary, there is a possibility of success. And not everyone uses Pokémon Bank which means more will take advantage of the GTS.