DESYNC to Deliver Neon Mayhem on February 28

As you may have garnered from any of our previous coverage of the game, DESYNC is a first-person shooter that can best be described as a cross between Tron and Bulletstorm, with emphases on the neon-soaked, polygon-filled look of the former, and the creative kills and encouragements of skilled shots from the latter. Developers The Foregone Syndicate have clearly been working hard on creating some intense and eye-catching, adrenaline-filled action, which Adult Swim Games is now ready to help unleash upon the world on February 28, as the publisher announced via a new trailer seen below.

Focusing heavily on its multitude of purple-tinted visuals, blazing electronica soundtrack, and the multitudes of mayhem that you zip around in an old-school fashion, this is definitely one trailer that sets the stage for a series of ’80s-styled beatdown with shades of ’90s FPS games, and we can’t wait for it. DESYNC will launch on February 28 for the PC, with a launch price of $14.99 USD.