EA Commits to Supporting Titanfall 2

Despite far lower than expected sales, EA remains committed to supporting Titanfall 2 in the long run.

Titanfall 2 managed to garner critical acclaim, but not the commercial success a AAA publisher like EA want. Sales for the sequel were far below the original title, and many feared EA would quickly pull support for the game. However, the exact opposite is happening.

During their third-quarter earnings call with investors, EA confirmed that they are committed to supporting the game in the long-run. Noting the game has some of the highest player satisfaction scores in their portfolio of games. As such, players can expect the game to be supported for a long time to come.

“Titanfall 2 will be played for a long time to come, with new maps, modes and content updates continuing to expand the experience and engage our players. We’re excited about our long-term plans for the Titanfall franchise.”

This is some good news for fans of the game who want to see it succeed. We still don’t know if we’ll see a Titanfall 3, but at least we know Titanfall 2 will be sticking around.