Get the 101 in Latest Sniper Elite 4 Trailer

Like buses, you wait for one tutorial-like introduction to an upcoming sniper-based shooter…and then two come along at once. Rebellion’s own Sniper Elite 4 has just dropped an introductory “101” trailer — which you can view below — that details a little more of the game’s historical setting of WW2-era Italy complete with an overview of weapons, tactics and the included maps which, the developer claims, are the biggest in the series thus far. Along with the main campaign, players will find an assemble of hidden collectibles and optional side objectives alike which help to expand the multi-layered level design that’s become a standard for the series as of late.

Some more of the game’s additional co-op and competitive multiplayer modes are also shown, which features both player-vs-player engagement as well as allies teaming up to take on waves of enemies across six custom-made maps made especially for the online aspects of the game. Sniper Elite 4 launches for PS4, Xbox One & PC on February 14.