Mutant Football League Returns to Kickstarter

Nearly three and a half years ago, industry veteran Michael Mendheim attempted to resurrect his classic Mutant League sports games with a spiritual successor, Mutant Football League, seeking funds via the help of Kickstarter. The result, sadly, was not a happy one, raising only $141,821 of its $750,000 goal. But much like an undead linebacker, you can’t keep a powerhouse like this down, and Michael’s development studio Digital Dream Entertainment has still been working hard since then to make Mutant Football League a reality. And now, with the game almost nearing completion, the team returns to Kickstarter to wrap things up.

With a $60,000 goal set this time around, the money raised by the Kickstarter campaign will go towards finishing development on the online multiplayer mode, allowing for four additional teams and a new type of character, improving the overall balance and AI, and other areas of development, in addition to any possible stretch goals. You an learn more about the game and its progress on its Kickstarter page, and if you want to see more of Mutant Football League in action, you can check out some footage of Mayhem Bowl 2017 below, where the Deadlanta Vultures face off against the Nuked London Hatriots, not unlike some other little sporting event people keep talking about for some reason. As of the time of writing, Mutant League Football has already raised $50,000 of its goal, so at this rate, expect to see the game released for the PC this October and for Xbox One and PS4 in early 2018.