Screenshot Saturday Featuring Space Jammers, Pachacute, Many Others

Screenshot Saturday always has something new, whether that be a brand-new game making its first appearance or a new feature from one in continued development.  Each week developers use the Twitter hashtag to promote or show off the latest updates, releasing images by the hundreds into the world.  This feature drags roughly a dozen, plus bonus screen, from the Twitter-verse, with the criteria for inclusion being nothing more than how much fun it is to look at.  The images are mostly animations, though, and are way more fun if you click on them to set things moving.

Proceed- Side-scrolling exploration of a sci-fi universe, gathering resources for new tech and new adventures in a quest to save your home. This mini-video is from the pre-alpha being worked on prior to the game’s Kickstarter this summer, which would be why the water is wave-less.

Trike- Shoot through an endless onslaught of squirmy, twisting worms cluttering up the screen with their squiggly bodies. The original version of this game looked very different from the current incarnation, and judging from the explosion chain and radiating bullet pattern it’s become a far bigger and more epic arcade shooter.

Beacon- Super-stylish action roguelike where you’ve got a gun and a cloning bay as the primary defenses against an unfriendly planet. The DNA you collect during a run can be fused to your own between one death and the next, growing helpful new mutations for the next life.

Space Jammers-  Twin-stick roguelike shooter with co-op play where kitten-pirates loot passing spaceships for the cash to fund their band.  And people claim video games aren’t art.

Cool Swords in Caves- Kitties need swords! Head into the wilds and wrest the lost weapons of the world from the chests sequestered deep in the back of hostile caves. How this was thought of as a good plan is anyone’s guess, but at least it avoids the monthly charge of a storage unit. This particular image shows off what happens when one animation can be re-purposed for another, completely different scene.

Unnamed- Some type of VR western game, it seems. Judging by the back of the saloon it appears to be a work in progress, but bullet effects are top-notch.

Pachacuti- Action-platformer that steals a bit from Castlevania and Incan mythology, with fully hand-crafted levels and insanely well-animated characters. The main character will have two forms, one for fighting and the other for combat, and can switch between them on the fly to string advanced techniques together.

Ground Runners-  VR hoverbike shooter.  Steer with one hand, shoot with the other, and improve your multitasking skills.  It’s incredibly early, as the untextured arena might indicate, but the action in the test video (there’s a longer one on Youtube) looks smooth and a lot of fun already.

Organ Quarter- VR survival horror game owing more than a small debt to Silent Hill. Explore and solve puzzles in a gruesome town, and try not to get on the bad side of the eyeball doorkeeper.

Desolus- Take a strange walk through purple and orange dimensions, using a mini black hole to energize portals and open up the path to new areas.  If you take a close look you can see the player backs through a door in the orange land into the purple one, which is hanging in the sky above.  The tentacle-thing at the end beside the door is an energy reserve which you can pull from and store to activate dormant passageways.

Nimbatus-  Drone-building free-roaming space shooter.  The main spaceship is a non-combatant, instead serving as the base where the drones you fly on missions come from.  You can design them for different functions, and even craft weapons from varying effects.  There’s a demo over here to check out, and while the default drone it starts with seems nice enough you’re going to want to dip into the editor if you want to see any kind of success.

Mind Mecca- Exploration puzzle game in a strange monochrome world.  The original version was a point & click puzzler using strange machines in alien rooms, but that was almost two years ago and the game seems to have gotten a bit more ornate since then.  This shot works best if you open it up full screen and expand it, and the gray-scale version that’s more in tune with the game’s art can be seen here.

Gemini and the Sand Temple-  Cute puzzle platformer where an archaeologist/adventurer just runs right on past all those diamonds the spikes would have freed up, if only she’d taken the time to take advantage of the environmental challenge rather than bolt straight for the exit.

Bonus Image

The Pedestrian- This is a great double-layer optical illusion. The mind fills in the 3D aspect of the image, even as the camera rotates to show it’s all happening on a 2D plane. The lack of any detailing on the flat black character doesn’t get in the way of the brain adding the extra dimension, and of course it’s all happening on a flat 2D monitor in the first place so it’s not like it was ever any kind of 3D to begin with. MC Escher’s Balcony print played with the same idea, presenting an image that couldn’t possibly be 3D due to it being little more than ink on paper, and even giving it an impossible distortion in an attempt to break the illusion. Instead, it just made the brain even happier to misinterpret the 3D-ness of the image.