Drawn to Death Launches in April

The no longer free-to-play chaotic multiplayer action title, Drawn to Death, is closer to release than some may think. Sony has announced both a release date and price point for David Jaffe’s upcoming project, not to mention posted a lengthy preview of the game.

David Jaffe, of course, is renowned for his work on both the Twisted Metal and God of War franchise, with a little over a decade ago breaking off from SCE Santa Monica Studio to head up his own studio, Eat Sleep Play. Under that studio, Jaffe created Calling All Cars in 2007, along with a Twisted Metal reboot in 2012. It was only three years ago that he started up another studio, The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, to develop Drawn to Death.

Drawn to Death will be available April 4 exclusively for PlayStation 4, and priced at $19.99.