Okhlos Has Now Become Okhlos: Omega After a Massive Update

It always nicely says a lot about an indie developer’s love for their work when they keep releasing free updates for it both massive and small, demonstrating their commitment to the game they made and its fans. And such is the case with Coffee Powered Machine, who decided to choose the “massive” option when crafting additions to their Greek mob simulator Okhlos, resulting in the Omega update that’s so huge, that Okhlos: Omega is now its new moniker. And as mentioned when it was given out in the latest Humble Monthly bundle, the update is now live and free for all those who own the game.

As seen in the trailer below, the Omega update includes more customization options that allow players to choose the types of bystanders in each level, twenty-five new heroes, new enemies including challenging champions to conquer, a refined balance, and more. And to celebrate this update, Okhlos: Omega will be half off on Steam for the next week, until February 13. It looks like an impressive update indeed, so it may be worth checking the game out if you haven’t already.