Starbreeze Studios to Publish Psychonauts 2

After have spent over fifteen years developing such acclaimed titles as The Darkness, Payday 2, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Stockholm-based developers Starbreeze Studios decided to also branch out as a publisher beginning last year. The first game they published, Dead by Daylight, was a massive commercial success, and now Starbreeze is looking to follow that up by teaming up with Double Fine to publish one of the most anticipated upcoming sequels out there right now, Psychonauts 2.

Starbreeze is investing eight million dollars (USD) to help the continuing adventures of Razputin reach PCs and consoles via digital distribution, thus suggesting a tremendous amount of faith in the cult platformer’s follow-up. In an update on Fig, the developers called Starbreeze a perfect partner to work with, while also reassuring fans that this investment will not affect the game’s development, and that those who invested via Fig will be first priority when it comes to revenue share. In addition, the news came with a development video seen below showing off some early gameplay footage in the massive psitanium quarry housing the Psychonauts headquarters, designed to evoke the feel of the Pacific Northwest. Psychonauts 2 is due out in 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and it looks like it will definitely be worth the wait.