Nintendo Details its 2017 Mobile Games Plan

Nintendo will be releasing at least three games a year on mobile devices, according to a Q&A with investors (via IGN) on Tuesday.

The statement comes from Nintendo Worldwide President Tatsumi Kimishima, who said, “We plan to continue releasing two to three titles per year that consumers can enjoy as Nintendoʼs smart-device applications.”

This comes after a good first year on the market, with Miitomo and Pokémon Go both doing well, although Miitomo wasn’t the phenomenon that Pokémon Go was. Fire Emblem Heroes has just come out and is also be received well. Nintendo had said that they would be releasing five games by March 2017, so it seems they fell behind in that regard, but they did say in the Q&A that their partnership with DeNA “is going extremely well.”

They also mentioned that the plan is still to focus on existing IP for their mobile games, taking the concepts of the different games and translate them into a mobile friendly version.

“It is possible to provide applications that feel related to the dedicated video game systems even if they do not have any direct connections,” said Shinya Takahashi, the Managing Executive Officer at Nintendo. “I believe that smart devices, particularly bigger ones like tablets, are easy for smaller children to use which makes it easier for them to experience Nintendoʼs IP (intellectual property), so we have been planning to create synergy between smart devices and our dedicated video game systems.”

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