Blade & Soul Wings of the Raven Update Goes Live

The latest update for NCSOFT’s MMO, Blade & Soul, Wings of the Raven is now live. With the update, players will be able to take part in two brand new 24-player dungeons, a new Legendary upgrade path and a new generation of legendary accessories.

Not for the faint of heart, the 24-member dungeon raid, Skybreak Spire, will challenge players to fight through powerful guardians before coming face-to-face with the former clan mate who betrayed the Hongmoon School – Lusung. In Dawn of Khanda Vihar, players will be placed in a 24-player instanced raid and pushed to their limits to defeat Meganura, the ancient dragon.

Additionally, Wings of the Raven brings significant changes to weapon and accessory Evolution. The update streamlines weapon and accessory progression as players move through the main storyline.

For PvP enthusiasts, new Clan Battleground rankings will be available to players for Beluga Lagoon and Whirlwind Valley.

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