Horizon: Zero Dawn Drops Two New Trailers Detailing the Stormbird and Behemoth

In a new short video series “The Machines” from Sony and Guerilla Games certain Zoological aspects of the game are being shown off in full detail for what to expect when traversing the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The newest videos showcasing the Stormbird and Behemoth class robots of the game. Each as unique and deadly as the one before. While not every machine-animal might be out to kill Aloy, it’s nice having a full breakdown of how to approach such heavy equipment.

The Behemoth, is exactly what it sounds like, coming at the player full force if they try and take the precious cargo it’s carrying. Classed as a “Transport Type” the Behemoth sounds scarier than it actually is, looking to be more of a grazer than an actual threat to Aloy — unless trying to take the above-mentioned cargo container. For the full breakdown see the video below:

The Stormbird is actually what it sounds like — being a terrifying-mess of machine and lighting, this is a creature Aloy will most certainly should be on guard when approaching. Unfortunately, it’s a giant flying machine-bird, and that sounds like all sorts of trouble. The Stormbird being specifically a “Combat Type”, bird of prey anyone? What’s worse than a robot murder-bird? A robot murder-bird with a lighting gun. Aloy will need to be careful when taking this big baddie down, especially with its versatility of air to ground combat. To see the terror that is flying mechanized death check out the video below:

Horizon: Zero Dawn is flexing its astounding versatility of an Earth no longer recognized, and if these short break-down videos are anything to go off, it’s a wild-wild world out there. In case you missed the other two videos, follow the links for the Thunderjaw and Snapmaw. They are equally as impressive, as they are terrifying.