Sniper Elite 4’s Launch Trailer Unveiled, Season Pass Detailed

Rebellion Development’s forth entry in the acclaimed Sniper Elite series is now days away and while we’ll be sure to offer up our thoughts on what 2017’s offering has in store, the studio has put out one final launch trailer, that you can view below, which underlines the importance on getting your timing absolutely spot-on in a game as strategic — and satisfying — as this.

What’s more, Rebellion have also given further details as to what the game’s Season Pass will cover — providing players with access to twelve separate post-launch packs which includes four campaign missions for both single-player and co-op play. Each mission will come bundled with new weapons and skins as well as new playable characters that can be used in both co-op and multiplayer modes. And then of course there’s the big one, the Target: Führer campaign mission that has you going after big-bad himself. All new modes and maps for multiplayer however will also be added for free for all players upon release. Sniper Elite 4 will be available February 14 for PS4, Xbox One & PC.