Steam Direct is the Successor to Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight was initially meant to be Valve’s solution to requiring staff to focus heavily on curation by outsourcing it to PC gamers. Since then, game releases on the platform have increased exponentially – leading some to believe it was time for Greenlight to be shut down.

Today Valve announced their plans for Steam Direct. This will take over in the place of Greenlight this Spring. Instead of users voting for or against a game, the developer will simply sign up, pay a fee, and be able to submit their game for publication on Steam.

There’s a lot we don’t yet know about Direct. For one, the submission fee (which is on a per game basis) could be anywhere from $200 to $5000. While this will likely stop many asset flip style games from coming out, it may also stop some great indie releases (ala Stardew Valley or Undertale) from coming to Steam. Developers and PC gamers alike will need to wait for Valve to further elaborate on their plans for Direct in the near future.