Pro Madden Player Hit With $3000 Fine for Controversial Tweets

The victor of the Madden Bowl competition was slapped with a serious fine and ranking penalty this week from due to a number of tweets deemed inappropriate by EA. Twenty-nine year-old Chris McFarland, known by his gamertag Dubby, beat Problem in the finals on February 3 at the venue in Houston, Texas where he was awarded $75,000. Three thousand of those dollars were taken away due to his tweets, which the contents are not exactly clear at this time, but Dubby who is white, was found to have a number of tweets from his account years ago with racial slurs directed towards black people.

It also didn’t help when he tweeted the following when players discovered these tweets:

His rank penalty deducted 100 Madden NFL Championship Series Points from his record — a significant chunk. Later, McFarland made a statement regarding his tweets. “When I won the Madden bowl my tweets were no longer just for the Culture they were for everyone. I understand that better now.” EA made a stand to say that they have conduct boundaries for their players and they expect them to respect those guidelines.