Screenshot Saturday Featuring Fugl, Dead Pixels II, Many More

Screenshot Saturday is a weekly celebration for any game that chooses to participate.  Developers show off what they’ve done, whether it be a new scene, completed animation, or sometimes even a fancy menu effect.  This feature pulls a dozen images from the hundreds uploaded, plus a bonus one for good measure, based on what I’d like to think are stringent criteria but really boils down to “whatever caught my eye and made it past any arbitrary filter in effect on a Saturday afternoon”.  It’s not an exact science, but it works.  As usual, most images are actually gifs or video clips, so don’t neglect to give them all a chance to show you what they can do.

Under Leaves- Hidden objects game rendered in a painterly style from the perspective of animals. What this means is that, instead of finding the cleverly hidden candlestick disguised to look like a bed post, the animals are looking for leaves, nuts, berries, and other items that blend in perfectly with the forest floor. Web demo found here and worth a look.

Unnamed- Technically it’s currently titled “Finnish Danmaku Project”, but that seems subject to change over the course of development. While the background is simple, the complex bullet patterns make up for this. This weekend gets hearts and flowers for Valentines days, with the boss shooting pink bullet-petal clusters your way.

Reginald Does His Thang- Weird little platformer about chasing after the recipe pages for his grandfather-chef’s signature dish. Find items to vomit fire and ice, die a lot to use your corpse as a helpful aid, and eat everything you find no matter how bad an idea it seems.

Drone Swarm- A prime candidate for a truth in advertising award, Drone Swarm has you control a swarm of drones in an RTS where what you don’t have in power you make up by sheer volume. That shatter from the impact? That’s the swarm, and they number in the thousands. It’s as hypnotic in motion as it is dangerous.

Dead Pixels II- The crows are not your friends. This should be obvious by the fact that every single one has a dry skull for a head, but just in case it needs reinforcement, it’s probably best not to disturb them. Surviving a zombie-infested streets of a randomized city is hard enough without getting pecked into ribbons.

Piawk- A semi-flightless bird goes for a walk in search of whatever it is that makes a bird’s life complete. Booze would seem to factor into this somehow, based on how anxious it is to break into the bar. The simple art style has some nicely subtle effects, like the slightly fuzzy focus on the background objects and gently swaying power lines.  It’s got a demo at, if you want to take a bird for a walk.

Fugl- This bird is all about flight, possibly thanks to not getting caught up bar-hopping. Soar through an endless world, procedurally generated based on hand-crafted criteria. The iOS version has been in development for a while, open to just about anyone who wants to help its creation, and the PC version is ready for Early Access as soon as it clears a dying Greenlight.

Bullet Mind- Overhead-view shooter where killing things slows down time. Keep the action moving and you get a huge advantage. Let the combo fall apart and you can still kill things, just not look so cool while doing it. Anything that shatters the level into a radiant cloud of shrapnel is worth putting in the time to earn.

Katana Zero- It’s not a great idea to let a rogue assassin catch you in the middle of a card game. Being fast on the draw is all kinds of impressive, but not against a protagonist with a lightning-fast dash move and even quicker bladework.

Unnamed- No idea beyond it being some type of VR experiment, but it’s incredibly weird and cute whatever it may be.

No Longer Home- Point & click adventure game set in a small apartment, about two students on the verge of moving out and the memories contained in its rooms. There’s a bit of weirdness in there but it’s mostly about poking at other people’s stuff and getting a sense of who they are.

Mapbox- Despite the #gamedev tag, Mapbox is actually a platform for visualizing and customizing maps and the data associated with them. You could make a pretty good sequel to The Last Guy with it, judging by the the crowd movement.

Bonus Image

Craprobatics- Everyone starts somewhere, and completing that first project is a huge milestone. Good or bad is an irrelevancy here, with the important thing being that it’s done and it works.