Labyrinthine Retro Action Game Mazeman Seeks Help Navigating Greenlight

Developers Beautiful Glitch have been quite busy recently, having spent the past year-plus working on both their upcoming multiplayer dating sim Monster Prom and the Indie G Zine art book. In between all of that, though, they’ve continually teased screenshots for another game of theirs known as Mazeman over Twitter, but haven’t revealed much about it (compared to their other projects, at least). Finally, though, they’ve pulled back the curtain (or more of the curtain, anyway), and now they have Mazeman up on Steam Greenlight, looking for some help to seek approval in the service’s final months.

As seen in the trailer below, Mazeman is a top-down fantasy action game with a retro pixel art style, and upon first glance, it may immediately draw comparisons to Zelda and/or Bomberman. At its most basic level, the goal is to find the key in each stage and head for the exit, but the game’s large variety of mazes will hold several secrets to find. Those secrets include optional challenges, bits of narrative revealing more about the maze and its worls, and twenty-three other characters with different styles to unlock, thus hopefully providing a ton of replay value. Mazeman does look incredibly fun indeed, so if you’re interested, head on over to its Greenlight page to help support it.