Latest Knight Slinger Update Goes into Pre-Registration

Released late last year, Knight Slinger is a charming adventure that has elements of traditional RPGs mixed in with Puzzle & Dragons. It features a wacky combat system, hurling your heroes across the screen to do damage, along with a charismatic cast of characters to obtain on your adventures.

In celebration of their upcoming update, Gamevil and Cocoonbeat are holding a sizable promotion, giving out goodies to anyone who participates. Those who pre-register will receive a free 4-5 Star Warrior Egg (A-S grade), 500,00 Gold and 100 Starbles (the in-game currency). It doesn’t matter if you’re a reoccurring player or a new one, these gifts are for anyone who signs up.

This update should further enhance the experience of Knight Slinger players, giving them the ability to transcend warriors to greater power, adding a jewelry system, the option of a seventh rune slot, and lastly, while still incomplete, a guild system will be teased.

Knight Slinger is available for free on iOS and Android devices.