Microsoft Slashes the Price of all Xbox One S Bundles for Tax Return Season

Microsoft is making it cheaper to get an Xbox One S this tax return season.

Starting today, February 17, all Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles will have their prices slashed by $50. When we say all consoles, we mean all consoles. This includes the original Xbox One models, and even the Xbox One S models that come bundled with games like Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition, Minecraft, and Battlefield 1.

All 500GB bundles will now cost $249.99, and all 1TB bundles will now cost $299.99. Some of the bundles you can choose from include the Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition 1TB bundle, the Forza Horizon 3 1TB bundle, all Battlefield 1 bundles, a Gears of War 4 500GB bundle, and a FIFA 17 500GB bundle. There’s also a good variety of original Xbox One bundles to choose from. They can all be purchased from the Microsoft store, or at participating retailers.

This deal won’t last forever. Though Microsoft didn’t say when the deal would end, they did mention that it is only for a limited time. If you’re in the market for a new Xbox One console, this might be the time to nab one.