New Patent Suggests New Sony Handheld

A patent from Sony in 2015 that was just recently published looks like it could be a next generation handheld that takes some hints from Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console.

The patent, retrieved by NeoGaf user ponpo, was found on a Japanese blog site that gives a bunch of patent images detailing the different parts of the handheld. While the images never show the controllers detached from the screen, it looks like they could be. Deduce that for yourself down below:

While we don’t know how Switch-like it really is, the console is a touchscreen tablet flanked by two halves of a controller, although this one has the button layout of the current Dualshock 4, which sounds incredible. There are a bunch of little buttons that likely work similar to the Options and Share buttons on the DS4, but there are also three buttons placedĀ atop the screen that seems to be a power button and volume switches, just like on the PlayStation Vita. There are also speakers towards the bottom of the screen, and a headphone jack and power point on the bottom.

So could this be the Vita 2 we’ve been speculating about? It’s possible, but many patents never see the light of day. Keep to Hardcore Gamer as we learn more about this mysterious patent and whether or not the Switch is going to have some direct competition from Sony.