The Silver Case to Include Two New Additional Chapters on PS4

It’s no secret that we at Hardcore Gamer are big supporters of The Silver Case, having favorably reviewed the game for its recent PC remaster and hosted a panel for the game with SUDA51 at PAX West. Now fans like us will get to solve any more mysteries as NIS America has announced that the PS4 version will include two new chapters that will extend and complete the game’s story.

The two new chapters are titled “YAMI” and “WHITE OUT PROLOGUE.” YAMI takes place several months after the last chapter and serves as a conclusion to the initial game, and WHITE OUT PROLOGUE occurs afterward with a time leap, linking The Silver Case universe with SUDA51’s episodic sequel, The Silver Case: Ward 25.

The PS4 release of the game will also feature two brand new tracks and twelve remixes by Akira Yamaoka, Erika Ito and the Grasshopper Sound Team.