Project Gorgon Dev Details New Orc Dungeon, Gazluk Keep

Project Gorgon and its small development team are busy getting the game ready for its Steam release in the near future but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing new in the free alpha. Over on the official forums developer Citan dropped off a lengthy post about the game’s third dungeon, Gazluk Keep.

This dungeon is being designed to be the highest level content included in the game so you’ll want to gather five or six level 65-75 players if you want a chance at its chests. Gazluk keep is home to Orcs and will feature exclusive armor, weapons, recipes and even skills. Citan mentions that this dungeon is heavily inspired by Everquest II’s community dungeons and was built from the ground up to house multiple groups as you all navigate through it at the same time. Don’t fret if you don’t have a group of friends as it was also designed for solo players to hop in and join an existing group or start their own with other random adventurers.

When Gazluk Keep launches it will only have two out of the four levels explorable with the latter half arriving later. After that Project Gorgon will be getting more solo content, crafting skills and the highly requested Bard class. Cheers!