Screenshot Saturday Featuring Anew: The Distant Light, Sky Rogue, Many More

It’s Screenshot Saturday again, turning the final day of whatever kind of week it may have been into one of discovery.  Each Saturday is a torrent of new images showing updates, progress, or even brand-new creations that have been whipped into a state worth showing off.  This feature pulls a dozen images from the pile based on a small number of criteria, but the most important one is how nice/fun/entertaining/interesting the picture or video is.  Mostly video, actually, seeing as that’s the bulk of what’s uploaded, but it’s a little late to change the Screenshot part of the title now.  The videos and animations don’t run by themselves, though, so make sure to give them a chance to show off.

Anew: The Distant Light- Sci-fi metroidvania that landed on Kickstarter this week. Explore a strange alien moon and shoot everything that moves while upgrading home base in a quest to save an Earth that once again is on the brink of destruction, for like the third time this week. The art style alone makes this one to watch, with a strong Heavy Metal by way of Matt Howarth vibe running through its design.

Waves²- A disco ball rolls around a neon arena spewing death at the overwhelming swarm looking to bring its dance party down. The joke is on the enemies, though, because they break apart with particles everywhere, adding to the festivities. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d want an arcade twin-stick shooter to be, complete with a large number of game modes for variety.

Shotgun Farmers- Online multiplayer shooter where you’ll need to harvest your weapons. Bullets are seeds, though, so a missed shot means you’ve just gifted your target with the gun you’re using. Harvest the gun instantly and you get a little ammo, but let it wait a little to grow big and strong with a full clip.

Tracks- Lay down the wooden tracks and sent the train barreling along it. It’s more toy than game, but check out that jump. You try to lay wooden tracks down like that in real life and the train is just going to end up a scattered across the floor, which is entertaining in its own way but not the point of a crazy stunt train track. This is, truly, proof that videogames are where dreams come to life…

Would You Rather- …Or nightmares. Just because you can get an answer to life’s mysteries doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to inquire too deeply. On the plus side, having it pictured like this makes the duck-sized horses look like the far more sensible option.

Endless Wave- Never stop surfing because really, why would you? Endless runners are nice but being pushed along by a massive wall of water that can only be stopped by placing a continent in its way makes for a great ride, so long as you watch out for sharks and waterspouts. This has come a long way since its first appearance in the very first of these Screenshot Saturday features.

Sky Rogue- Fly through the skies over an island teeming with targets that are just waiting for a missile or two to tear through them, once the pesky SAM sites and other defenders have been eliminated. Sky Rogue has been coming along nicely for a few years now, evolving from its initial free pre-alpha demo to entering Steam by Early Access, and now it’s just on the verge of entering a feature-complete beta.

Unnamed- Just a robot chilling in summer-wear, lounging with a guitar on a warm sunny day. Why robots wear clothes and how it’s handling the frets with two fingers is a mystery, but it snowed two feet in my neck of the world this week so it’s good to see a reminder that there’s summer out there somewhere.

Memory of a Broken Dimension- Black and white glitchspace exploration where the title isn’t messing around. The dimension is broken, lost and abandoned, fallen completely into ruin. You can get through it by figuring out how to “see” aspects back into existence. You can tell the dimension is really busted by the way its Saturday images are posted on February 16.

Abomination- First-person exploration set in a glowing world of neon-on-black.  While you can’t fly through it in normal gameplay this certainly shows off the fantastic effect of the bioluminescent plants defining the shape of what would have been flat black ground.

Unnamed- This is a “not much information” entry, but it’s got a flowing twisty horned sky-eel with shootable segments twisting through the sky of a vector city. Another video shows a bit of wall-hopping first-person parkour as well. Whatever it may be, it’s hitting all the marks.

Unnamed-  Dogfighting, except instead of a plane you’ve got a squadron that’s more like a chaotic swarm than an organized formation.  Take to the skies to herd your unruly mass of firepower against the other planes who dare to invade your airspace.  An early version may make its way out later this weekend (maybe!) and current plans are to keep updating it into an actual retail release.

Bonus Image

Heavy Truck Simulator- Who’s the best coder? You’re the best coder! Yes you are, you fluffy little beastie! Yes you are. *fuzzles ears*