Watch Dogs 2: Human Conditions Launches with a Trailer

Released late last year, Watch Dogs 2 fixed a lot of the story problems the first game was plagued with. It has more style, humor, and charisma than its predecessor, and doing so made it an incredibly enjoyable game to play. Because of this, Ubisoft is continuously working on new content for the game, this time connecting the two worlds to an even greater degree.

In celebration of the release of Human Conditions, at least on PlayStation 4, Ubisoft has published a launch trailer, hopefully getting fans hyped for what’s to come. This DLC features fan favorite Jordi Chin as Marcus has additional enemies to take down and far more missions to partake in.

Watch Dogs 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The Human Conditions DLC will be available first for PlayStation 4 tomorrow, with Xbox One and PC versions coming March 23.