Limited Run Games Adds Three More Titles to Today’s Announcement Tsunami

Today was a busy day for Limited Run Games.  Not in the “lets release a ton of product” department, but in terms of revelations about what that ton of product will be.  The Choice Provisions partnership has already had its moment in the sun, but there were also three other games from two more publishers getting their details announced.  First up was Pang Adventures, which came out of nowhere earlier this year to update the classic arcade game series.  This will be the first game of its series to get a physical release since Super Buster Bros. on the original PlayStation, although while the PSP had a version as well it was not only the PS1 game but also part of a collection.  The second announcement was for Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae, a 3D sword combat fighter where a Japanese schoolgirl (deadliest of all nature’s creations) fights goons and robot soldiers in a quest to retrieve a stolen demon blade.  Finally, the multi-viewpoint arcade shooter Astebreed rounds out the day, mixing horizontal, vertical, and 3D blasting into a single package.

That’s a lot of games to announce in one day, so here’s the breakdown based on all the information so far-

Pang Adventures (PS4)-  March 17 target date
Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (PS4, Vita)-  March 17, 3,500 copies apiece, plus 1,000 copies per system of an exclusive PAX East cover if you’re in Boston March 10-12.
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae (PS4)- Latter half of March
Astebreed (PS4)-  April
The Bit Trip (PS4, Vita)- TBA
Tharsis (PS4)- TBA
Drive!Drive!Drive! (PS4)- TBA

So still a few gaps to fill in for the information, but it’s a packed schedule with a good variety of content in there.  It’s a bit of a budget-buster for completionists, but probably not too bad when spread out over the weeks.