Horizon Could Sell as Much as Eight Million Copies, Media Analysts Claim

While it’s never easy to predict what consumers will end up spending their money on — or won’t spend on as some cases may be — media analytics company SuperData have gone ahead and made a bold prediction that just might bolster Guerrilla Games’ soon-to-be-released action RPG, Horizon: Zero Dawn even higher with their latest prediction as to how the game might fair come release day and soon-after. “Based on our initial observations we believe that Horizon: Zero Dawn can sell around four to six million units by end of 2017.” SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen explained, going further to claim the company believes the game will reach life-time sales of around eight million copies sold which puts it on the same commercial heights of games like Metal Gear Solid 5 and fellow Sony first-party title, Uncharted 4.

Needless to say, the reception from critics to Guerrilla’s new IP has been overwhelmingly positive with SuperData believing this will translate into good sales for what many will argue is one of the PS4’s most promising and talked-about exclusives since the console’s very release. “Now that we are in the second half of the current console cycle [it] forces Sony and its rival Microsoft into a price war for the more risk-averse consumers that typically enter the market at this stage.” Druenen continues. “And the release of the Nintendo Switch in early March, will further increase the pressure on Sony to remain the platform of choice for the current gamer generation.”

Indeed, with Nintendo’s new console, the Switch, right around the corner and Microsoft likely penning at present how they’re going to go about unveiling Project Scorpio, Sony and the PS4 really need to be at the top of their game if they’re to sustain their dominance in acclaimed first-party/exclusive software. But with the likes of Persona 5 & Nier: Automata still to come — both console exclusives to Sony’s platforms by the way — a rather more positive prediction on the success of a new IP altogether should be music to the ears of both Sony and Guerrilla Games. If you haven’t already, you can read up on our review of Horizon — a game we ourselves claimed will stand as “a must own for every PlayStation 4 owner” in due time. Horizon: Zero Dawn will be available February 28 in the States and March 1 in Europe & the UK.