Another Hint at the Next Overwatch Character Crops Up on Social Media

Breaking news from Overwatch’s fictitious news outlet Atlas has reported that an attack on the Numbani International Airport incapacitated the multiple OR15 security bots that are meant to protect the complex. This, coupled with Tuesday’s first clue introducing Efi Oladele, an 11-year-old robotics and AI expert, gives Overwatch fans a lot to speculate about as to what Blizzard is actually teasing.

In the photo attached to the tweet, we see quite a few of the OR15 security bots strewn about the airport, and it looks like the attacker was either huge or simply capable of immense strength. The interesting thing about the photo, though, is that it is credited to Efi if you look closely at the bottom right. She had mentioned in her interview with Atlas that she was going on a trip with her parents, so it seems she was there when the attack happened.

Efi also noted in her interview that the OR15s are some of her favorites and that one day she wants to help build bots like them. Surely witnessing this incident will be hard on an 11-year-old, especially if she saw humans being hurt as well. Maybe this event inspires her to work on a better version of the OR15, maybe a robot so smart and powerful that it could join the ranks of Overwatch? A piece of early concept art shown at this week’s DICE summit during Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan’s presentation showed a four-legged robot with lasers fighting alongside the crew. Although Kaplan did comment, saying, “No, the hero in the center is not the hero who you think it is.” He made a similar comment on a subreddit when redditors were speculating that the next character would be Doomfist, and that Terry Crews might be voicing him.

So honestly maybe we’re all being deceived. Maybe the next character has nothing to do with lasers, but wouldn’t that be cool if it did? Let us know your thoughts and speculations in the comments.