Kickstarter Campaign Underway for Volume 2 of Indie G Zine

Last year, Barcelona-based Julián Quijano and Beautiful Glitch launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Indie G Zine, an anthology book dedicated to showcasing high-quality artwork of indie games, along with little reviews and previews of the games themselves, and quick comments from the artists and questions with the developers. The campaign was a success, nearly tripling its funding goal, and the zine was also a success, selling several copies with the help of Fangamer and featuring over fifty games. So given the Indie G Zine’s success and Julián’s enthusiasm (heck, the book actually ends with list of fifty more games he wanted to recommend), a second volume was inevitable, thus we have the recently-launched Kickstarter campaign for Volume 2 of Indie G Zine.

Not much is expected to change for this second volume, somewhat unsurprisingly, with all signs indicating that it will use the same format as its predecessor. Games officially announced for the latest offering include Owlboy, Knights and Bikes, The Final Station, Stories: The Path of Destinies, and more, showcased alongside snippets of artwork. For those interested in the Indie G Zine, you can check out the campaign via the link above, and can pick up the first volume along with the second in certain rewards. The initial goal this time around is set at €6,000, with the first stretch goal adding ten new artists set at €9,000. As of the time of writing, over €4,500 has been raised already, so here’s hoping we see another successful campaign. After all, doesn’t your coffee table deserve even more class in both the areas of art and video games?