Raw Fury Games to Publish Cyberpunk Adventure The Last Night

The last time we had heard from Odd Tales’ cyberpunk adventure game The Last Night was over two years ago, after it had finished winning a cyberpunk-themed game jam and when the developers decided to expand their Flashback/Oddworld-inspired creation into an even bigger game. As you may have expected, things have gone a bit silent for a while, but a now a major development has occurred again with the announcement that Raw Fury Games will help publish the title. In a post on their site, Raw Fury were absolutely ecstatic to be working with Odd Tales, with several staff members being fans before Raw Fury was even founded.

The initial teaser seen below only provides a mere seconds-long glimpse of things, but Odd Tales have promised a variety of gameplay with several different types of action, a huge world full of complex characters with branching dialogue and multiple-choice events and approaches, and of course, some ridiculously amazing pixel art and animation. No word on a release window yet, though the game is aiming for a release on both PC and consoles. Indeed, here’s hoping The Last Night can deliver on the intrigue and deep gameplay that initial impressions suggest, and we at Hardcore Gamer will make sure to keep you updated on any notable progress concerning it as well.