Shenmue HD Remaster Could Release This Year

Early in the year, Sega appeared to register two web domains pertaining to a possible HD remaster of the first two Shenmue games in build up to the anticipated release of the third, Kickstarter-funded game in the series. Well according to a report by Rice Digital, a trusted source close to Atlus USA has confirmed that a two-game bundle will be released at some point this year with Shenmue to follow soon-after in 2018.

It comes as no surprise that a remaster is rumored given the length of time Shenmue has been in the dark as to a possible third entry to wrap up (or simply continue) the series’ narrative so a re-release of the first two games, to possibly coax new players unfamiliar with Shenmue as well as appease returning fans still waiting, sounds possible. Though said source suggested a Shenmue/Shenmue 2 remaster could possibly come to PC, no other release platforms or possible release window has been suggested or hinted at. We’ll have to see if Sega or indeed Atlus have any plan to announce such a thing at this year’s E3.