Latest Assassin’s Creed Leak Points Toward Egypt Setting?

While it may not be the first hint we’ve seen in the past year or so as to the supposed sub-titled “Empire”, today’s leak regarding the next entry in the Assassin’s Creed series may well strengthen the argument that 2017’s outing may well be set in Egypt. First spotted on Reddit — of which has now been removed — the leaked screenshot appears to show the player-character entering what looks like a pyramid. What’s more, for those who squint just enough, you might be able to pick out the word ‘GIZA’ in the line of code at the bottom of the screenshot below. Giza, of course,┬ábeing the real-World Egyptian city of the same name and, in the context of history, home to a whole host of ancient sites — pyramids included.

Assassin's Creed Empire Leak

Interestingly, the signature hooded attire doesn’t seem to be present. Replaced, most notably, by a shield and long-ranged weapons of sorts — signalling, unless set during the early periods or tutorial section of the game, that Ubisoft are at the very least trying to freshen up the appearance and play-style of a series that, until last year, had seen an annual release and [arguably] very little significant change since the original title back in 2007. Hence, with the series having taken a year off — as far as video games go — will this mean Ubisoft’s arguably most commercially-successful series will get a well-deserved and long overdue freshen up? No news yet on whether the company┬áplan to officially announce the next entry — if indeed it will be called Empire and/or set in Egypt — so we’ll see if this latest rumor forces the publisher’s hands prior to this year’s E3.