Third Clue Towards New Overwatch Hero Points Towards Robots

Another tweet from the official Overwatch account has dropped a bit of insight into what Efi Oladele, the speculated next character for the game (maybe), is building.

The tweet itself says that Efi┬áposted a picture to her “holovid channel,” an apparent social media site in the world of Overwatch, that shows a list of items she’ll need to start working on her project. The list includes a chassis for the OR15 security bots that Efi has said she loves, a Branform arm, a fusion driver, miniature Tolbelstein reactor, paint (very similar to Lucio’s color scheme), and Lucio-Oh’s, a popular cereal in the universe. While I myself have no clue what most of these things are, it seems Efi is going to modify an OR15 with a few upgrades; maybe a Hulk-smashing arm and some sort of power core? There’s also a sticky┬ánote drawing of what might be the design for the robot’s head. Those bits on the sides could either be horns of some sort or maybe fake hair.

From the image, it’s also pretty clear that Efi has a huge crush on Lucio, the audio-medic himself. I’m sure that will lend itself well to some cute little voice lines.

Still, in the back of my mind I can hear Jeff Kaplan saying, “No, the hero in the center is not the hero who you think it is,” which he said after showing an early concept image of Overwatch at the recent DICE Summit. So be sure to keep to Hardcore Gamer for more on Efi and whoever might be the next Overwatch hero.