TV Mode Won’t be Available on All Switch Games

It seems that some games on the Nintendo Switch will not be playable on the big screen, due to the fact that they require a touch screen, according to a report from Kotaku.

Word comes by way of NeoGaf, where user LordKano translated an announcement from the developer of VOEZ, a touch game on mobile, which will be coming as a launch game for the Switch. Within the statement, they mention that VOEZ will only be available to play in handheld or desktop mode on the Switch, since it relies so heavily on touch controls. This means that developers can choose whether they want their games to be available in all of the various configurations, or even just one. But how far does this freedom go?

VOEZ itself is a lane-based rhythm game developed by Rayark Games where you switch between tracks as the song goes on. It is currently available for iOS and Android, and will be released on the Japanese Switch eShop day and date with the console.

This announcement also begs the question of whether the Switch eShop will soon be full of mobile ports. The Switch does have a touch screen and seems to have already dipped its toe in the water with VOEZ. Let us know what you think about a Switch that can play touch screen games, only not on the TV.