Mr. Shifty Teleports to Steam and Nintendo Switch in April

We at Hardcore Gamer are fans of the enjoyable and often off the wall concepts found in tinyBuild releases, so it is with great pleasure that we share this announcement trailer for Mr. Shifty coming to Steam and the Nintendo Switch in April. Mr. Shifty allows the player to shift through bullets and execute lightning fast takedowns in the mayhem that can be found in a teleportation driven heist into the world’s most secure facility. Typically with tinyBuild released games it is difficult to do them justice with the written word (Editor’s Note: You’re writer. Your job is to do them justice with the written word) and therefore it better to just jump right into them and experience them first hand. Currently Mr. Shifty has an open beta for the PC version, so anyone interested in this title has an opportunity to get their hands on with a version that may differ from the final release.