Peter Moore Leaves EA for His Love of Liverpool

Industry veteran Peter Moore has decided to leave his role as chief competition officer of EA’s e-sports division, moving to fill the position as CEO of the Liverpool Football Club. If it’s of no surprise, Moore hails from Liverpool, and is a big fan of the football club he will now be heading.

On the club’s website, it was announced earlier. Moore’s developed a penchant of talking about Liverpool at most video game conferences – at times when it’s not even about a game EA has in the works.

In 2007, Moore had joined EA to spearhead the sports division, and transitioned to the chief operating officer position in 2011. By 2015 he was the leader of the step EA took into e-sports.

EA’s Executive Team Update, written by Andrew Wilson – the CEO of EA, writes a parting note on Moore, how he expresses his happiness for Moore on his move into the realm of football.

This will most likely mean Moore will finish his career in football, and hopefully with his beloved Liverpool FC.