Gambitious to Publish Haunted Mansion Simulator MachiaVillain

Have you ever wanted to play a game like Dungeon Keeper or Evil Genius, but with more of a Cabin in the Woods-style twist to it? Well, that’s what Paris-based developers Wild Factor had in mind when they launched their successful Kickstarter campaign for MachiaVillain last year. And now, in a major development, Gambitious Digital Entertainment will be teaming up with them to help publish the game, ensuring that the opportunity to let players live out their mayhem-filled horror movie fantasies reaches a wider audience.

As seen in the announcement trailer below, MachiaVillain has you managing your own maniacal manor filled with classic movie monsters and more, as you lure in unsuspecting groups of victims and then pick them off, all while obeying the classic rules of slasher cinema, and making sure your new fearsome family remains happy and tended to. The grisly sense of humor and unique, cartoonish art style definitely helps make everything stand out, so hopefully MachiaVillain will be able to fill that “evil sim”-sized hole in your life when it comes out this Fall for PC.