Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Coming to Haunt Steam

For the past year or so, Steam has been seeing a renaissance of quirky Japanese titles. Fun, niche games like Trillion: God of Destruction, and the Senran Kagura series have decided to make a home on the service, and the platform is all the richer for it. Aksys is one of the publishers that has been contributing to this boom, and will be continuing to do so with Arc System Works’ Tokyo Twilight Hunters Daybreak: Special Gigs on March 17.

Now, to be honest, this particular title wasn’t my cup of tea, but not everyone is going to like everything. However, the game, centered around an eclectic team of paranormal investigators, will actually see some benefit in a move to PC. Proper handling of the encounters didn’t feel right using a console’s input; integrating a mouse and keyboard would go a long way to alleviating that. Plus, the display capabilities that modern monitors can handle is sure to make the anime designs pop. Overall, this release is a good idea, as it will provide the best way to play this game.