A Few Ways Overwatch’s New Character Could Shake Things Up

The next hero to join the ranks of Overwatch will be Orisa, a modified security bot equipped with a long range, rapid fire fusion driver, a deployable shield and a few more tricks up her sleeve. She’s a tank, so it will be interesting to see how she is used in different compositions when she does finally come out. As a huge Overwatch nerd, though, I’ve been thinking a lot about this and what differences she might be able to make on the battlefield, so I thought I’d compile a few of my thoughts and see what other people are thinking as well.

The first thing is that Orisa is officially going to be the longest range tank in the game. In the developer update where he announced Orisa, game director Jeff Kaplan said that maybe Zarya’s alternate fire might do a similar distance, but that’s not as consistent as Orisa will be able to be. Her fusion driver, which is essentially just a big machine gun with green bullets, will be able to pump out a good amount of damage from far away, and that is a new kind of danger, really.

This coupled with a deployable shield makes her sound like Bastion back when Overwatch was still in beta. Remember? The dude had a Reinhart-esque shield mounted to him when he was in turret mode. That was no fun. But if they’re putting her into the game with a shield and a gun like that then I assume they’ve figured out a good way to balance it all out.

Orisa’s alternate fire on the fusion driver sends out a pulse that is remote detonatable and will draw enemies towards it, similar to Zarya’s ultimate. Having this as a tactical tool could be really interesting, as you’ll be able to pull Bastions or Symmetras out from around the corner before they can jump you. Or you could take a bunch of the enemy team off the point at just the right time. I think this will be the tool most used by tactical players who try her out.

Then finally there are her Fortify and SuperCharger abilities, which both deal with buffing yourself and/or your teammates. Fortify, if used strategically, is going to be real nice for entering choke points, capturing flags or fighting for last minute capture points. It keeps Orisa from taking as much damage as she normally would, but also makes her to be unaffected by “crowd-control” abilities like Pharah’s concussive rocket or Junkrat’s concussion mine. This is going to make her a force to be reckoned with during those last minute fights for the point. And her SuperCharger ultimate is probably going to help in these situations too, because if your team is dishing out a ton more damage than the other in the final seconds of the game, it’s going to be a huge advantage.

So these are just some of the first things that came to mind when thinking about what Orisa might be able to do for my team and even for the game. Be sure to let me know what other tactics and combos I may not have thought of in the comments. There’s no release date for Orisa yet, but it will be soon, so get ready.