No Man’s Sky Might Be Finding its Way with Path Finder Update

No need to hash out why No Man’s Sky was controversial. Needless to say, the updates heading to the game after its release until now have been working to push the game closer to what many feel it was originally promised to be. No need to hold your breath, just take a look at what’s on offer in the latest version 1.20 title update: Path Finder.

With Path Finder, plenty of new player-specific customization options are coming along. For starters, there are plenty of visual improvements from enhanced screen-space occlusion to textures and better post-processing filters. The game certainly looks discernibly better now and with new online base sharing features, players can create and share their custom bases for others to see, visit, and rate. Players may also have four different, specialized spacecraft now as well. Landlubbers can actually invest in creating their own Exocraft races to maximize their tricked out moon-buggy. Meanwhile more long-haul fans may want to try the Permadeath Mode. This, along with added merchants, currency, and a Discovery Menu for new locations and places can make the single-player experience easier to invest in.

There’s a fair amount to see with the version 1.20 update, so check out a trailer of it below. The Path Finder update is live now for PC and PlayStation 4.

For a reference on where the game started, or just more on No Man’s Sky, see our review.