Chrono.GG Offers Redout: Enhanced Edition for its Lowest Price Ever Today-Only

Redout is an outstanding game and a must-own for anyone who loves the Wipeout franchise. While futuristic racers in general have been on the decline, games like the FAST series on the Wii U and Switch have helped bring it back while Redout has done that for the PC market. It bears a stronger resemblance to Wipeout than F-Zero in the gameplay department and definitely has a steeper learning curve than the FAST games.

It has a free demo available, so be sure to try it out in time trial mode and see if it’s to your liking. If you enjoy it, then feel free to buy it for a mere $18 today on Chrono.GG. This is a healthy decrease from its usual $35 price point, and the lowest price it’s been offered at yet – even if it is only $2 cheaper than the most recent Steam sale pricing on it.