NA LCS Week 7 Day 3 Predictions

Alright now we’re into the last day of matches and the second act of Doublelift’s return. Liquid need a win here if they want to get into the playoffs, but before that here’s the rankings going into day three:

1)  Cloud9, Team SoloMid (11-2)

3) Phoenix1 (9-5)

4) FlyQuest (7-7)

5) Counter Logic Gaming, Immortals  (6-7)

7) Echo Fox, Team Dignitas  (5-8)

9) Team EnVy, Team Liquid  (3-10)


Cloud9 is going up against CLG and this shouldn’t be too much of a match for them. Cloud9 is playing pretty well right now so if it’s business as usual they should take this easily. If they aren’t playing in the form we expect they might drop a game, but I think they’ll get right back in their groove. One of C9’s weaknesses is their early game, but they generally play well enough to hang on even if that goes bad so I don’t think they’ll have much of an issue here.

My trust in Dig paid off yesterday so let’s continue it today. Like I said, depending on which Echo Fox shows up this can go either way, but considering bad Echo show up more times than good I’ll lean towards Dig. Dig is slowly making their way up the ladder where they should have been since the beginning.

Immortals took down FlyQuest yesterday in two straight matches, and unfortunately there’s no cheese to blame. Which means to me that either IMT is getting better or FlyQuest is getting worse. Unfortunately for them that’s neither here nor there and they have TSM today. From split to split TSM operates like a well oiled machine so this should be business as usual.

Last, but not least is the return of Doublelift vs Team EnVy. According to him this should be an easy one, but don’t sleep on EnVy. Like Liquid they’ve been making strides in how they play, so this can easily swing in their favor. I’m taking Liquid here because I believe with the butterflies gone Double should show up this match. Piglet has proven himself capable in the mid lane so now he should have the help he needs.

Here are the predictions for today’s matchups and my record going into the final day in bold: (35-17)

  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Cloud9 (0-2)
  • Echo Fox vs Team Dignitas (1-2)
  • Immortals vs Team SoloMid (0-2)
  • Team Liquid vs Team EnVy (2-1)