Battalion 1944 Will be Published by Square Enix

Battalion 1944 is a skill-based shooter that will introduce players to the World War II genre. The upcoming game will be published through the Collective label of Square Enix

Developer Bulkhead said to IGN that Square Enix Collective gives funding and administrative support for the games that they choose to help, but also allows the developers behind the project to focus on just the development of the game.

The Collective project is a curated platform which allows creators to post their ideas and let gamers judge whether they are turned into a reality. It sounds very similar to the Steam Greenlight system in its current state, but thankfully Square Enix have actually got the curator system behind it.

Battalion 1944 uses other war games as their inspiration, calling on the likes of “Battlefield,” “Medal of Honor,” and “Call of Duty.” Battalion is also already in alpha testing. The game is slated to release on Early Access June this year on the PC, but with future releases on PS4 and Xbox One on its full launch.