PAX East 2017: Hopping Through a Hungry Snake’s Innards in Slime-San

Slime-san was out for an innocent tour of the forest, goo-ing along in a slimey way, when suddenly a giant snake ate him in a single bite.  While rude, the experience was a little less deadly than it might normally be, giving Slime-san a chance to ooze, jump, and dash his way back out the entrance before rising stomach acid dissolves him into a more digestible form.  It won’t be easy, but it’s not like he needs to do it alone.

Slime-San is a platformer in the vein of Super Meat Boy, except each level takes place on a single screen with no scrolling.  The slime has two abilities outside of jumping- a dash, and a time-slowing phase move that sees him pass harmlessly through anything colored green.  The entire game is made of four colors (technically five seeing as there are two shades of blue), with blues being background, white defining the level structure, red causing an instant level restart when touched, and green indicating items which Slime-san can either interact with or phase through, depending on need.  A big green ball might be useful to bounce off, or maybe its motion puts it right in the way of where you need to go.  Each level only takes a few seconds to go through once you know the pattern, but as is standard for this type of platformer, getting the timing down to avoid endless restarts is the tricky part.

One of the surprising aspects is how much content there is outside of the main game, which is already planned on being 200 levels of four stages each.  There’s a full-sized town with shops, mini-games, and even a few secrets inside the snake.  The apples you collect, one per single-screen stage, act as currency to buy different characters with varying abilities, fancy outfits for those times a slime just can’t be seen with the wrong hairdo, different backgrounds, and other odds and ends.  Certain levels also have secret areas with new characters who move into town, and if that’s not enough you can even take a look back at Slime-san’s home to see how his family is doing.  The game may look simple but there’s a surprising amount of content to dig into, all wrapped around a giant platforming challenge that provides a great test of your jumping, dashing, and sliming skills.