Fallout Funko Dorbz Coming this Spring

Picking out your favorite perks is important while playing Fallout. They can either make or break a fight and even makes surviving the harsh environments just a bit easier. Funko has announced a new series of Dorbz figures starring Vault Boy to make your life in any wasteland a bit more enjoyable and worth living for!

Four different Dorbz have been revealed as Vault Boy himself is dressed up to match each one, just like in the game. There is Rooted which gives you a lot more resistance and shows Vault Boy with a root-like paint job while carrying an ax. However, you could get lucky enough to find a Chase variant of the Rooted Dorbz which has Vault Boy wearing a bandanna. Grim Reaper’s Sprint restores your Action Points and looks very cute on display. Lastly, Mysterious Stranger can help you out in a jam and goes great with any collection.

All Fallout figures are set to release within the month of April. Hopefully you’ll be able to add these to your vault of collectibles before any nuclear apocalypse!