Horizon Zero Dawn Sells Over 2.6 Million Copies in Two Weeks

Horizon Zero Dawn has been one of the highlights of early 2017, a period of which we’ve seen incredible games come out. While it has been received critically, it’s also selling very well.

SIE has announced today that the open world Action-RPG has exceeded 2.6 million copies sold-through worldwide in just over two weeks. This is an incredible achievement for the brand new franchise, making Horizon Zero Dawn the best new first party IP launch on PS4, not to mention Guerrilla Games’ biggest debut.

They even went as far as hinting at an expansion DLC to continue the story.

“We’re thrilled that Horizon Zero Dawn has been embraced by critics and players alike. Developing the game was a labor of love, so it’s extremely satisfying to see that it elicits the same passion and enthusiasm from the gaming public that we felt during its development,” said Guerrilla Managing Director Hermen Hulst. “This is only the beginning of Aloy’s story and our exploration of the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, with the team already hard at work on an expansion to the story.”

Horizon Zero Dawn is available right now for PlayStation 4.