Will You Be Picking Up Mass Effect Andromeda?

Bioware’s new Mass Effect Andromeda releases on March 21. We will have a review closer to time, however, early reports of the game are coming off as very negative. Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware’s last game, was a let down certainly in terms of graphical quality. This seems to be the same with the new Mass Effect. Many who have had early access to the game are stating numerous issues. There is also the fact that it just does not seem to be any fun. The focus from Bioware has seemily been with the relationship aspect of the game, but there should be more to a game than just that.

The E3 2016 trailer reveal showed off some really good visuals, but according to this neogaf thread, the game suffers from a graphical downgrade. It seems the lighting in the game has changed and has resulted in a negative look. Over at ThisGenGaming, they are stating the game is full of bugs, re-hashed animations, and overall performance issues. Granted, this is coming from the Xbox One and PC version that was made available to EA Access members for early access, but it is the final version of the game

Meanwhile, the PS4 Pro version seems to be suitable according to underground gaming insider Shinobi602. He was able to get early access to the PS4 version with the latest patch. He states the game runs stable at 30 FPS as the game, however running the game at 1080p. Andromeda is confirmed to support 1800p resolution on the Pro, but one can expect performance issues if it is only hitting 30FPS at 1080p.

“Yeah, about that. The first few hours of Andromeda are a gruesome trudge through the most trite bilge of the previous three games, smeared out in a setting that’s horribly familiar, burdened with some outstandingly awful writing, buried beneath a UI that appears to have been designed to infuriate in every possible way.”

While graphical downgrades and performance issues can be one thing, but is the game actually fun? Other reports are saying it is not, at least not the first few hours. While Shinobi602 states in his neogaf thread that it does feel like a new Mass Effect game early, that it does wear off. On top of the reports stating that it is not very fun, the game becomes overwhelming with tasks. That can certainly zap the fun out of a game if the feeling switches to doing work and tasks rather than actually enjoying an experience.

Again, we have yet to review the game, but these are reports hitting the internet days before release. While I have not personally played he game, either, I cannot back up any of these claims. However, these claims do exist, and after the debacle that was Dragon Age: Inquisition, one would think Bioware would have learned its lesson. Everyone will see in a few days what the overall general consensus is, but is this enough to scare you off from picking up Mass Effect Andromeda? Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on this page and check back closer to release for our actual review of the game. Hopefully, it will be an enjoyable experience for the fans’ sake.